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BEE SAIPA Accounting Practice For Sale
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Business For Sale


Accounting Practice For SaleYou have been waiting for that SAIPA BEE practice.  Here it is.  Your opportunity to hit the ground running with this great opportunity.  Well established, with staff placed from FASSET, on the SEDA panel for more work.  Running out of an incubation hub.  If you dont jump at this you are not serious about owning your own practice.  Why have you not called me yet?


  Selling Price     1,200,000   Turn Over Per Month     96,745 
  Stock Included   Profit Per Month 82,724
  Assets Included  50,000   R.O.I %  83%
  Total Price   1,200,000    

 History and Overview Of The Business
Fully describe the business's activities  This is a modern and innovative accounting firm focusing on Accounting, Tax, Payroll, Advisory and Training.  They have various clients and as SAIPA ATC and FASSET approved have access to clerk to drive profitability up. 100% Black owned practice with a Level 1 BB-BEE status and nice clients this is the ideal opportunity for an energetic and focused BEE buyer that would like to build on this platform
When was the business established? Since 2009, and since 2012 in the current format
How long has the owner had the business? Established it
 How Does The Business Operate
How does the business operate on a daily basis  Owner run with staff doing the actual work
How are the clients attracted to the business?  Word Of Mouth
What Advertising/Marketing is carried out? None
Does the business have any contract work?  No, but most clients are on monthly retainers
What competition exists? Normal
Seasonal Trends? Busier in tax season
 Financial Information
Vat Registered?  No
Vat Documentation on File?  Not registered
Management Accounts?  Yes
Audited Financials?  No, only management accounts
What as Cash/Credit Split?  Credit
Debtors Book Age Analisys  30 days
How can you improve the profitability? Expand client base.  Approach other occupants of the Incubation Hub as none of them are actually clients of this firm.
 Is Seller Finance available and if so what is it? Yes, in line with selling accounting practices the seller will accept a 50% cash payment and subject to a proper hand over and turnover warranty the balance over a 12 month period to an APPROVED buyer.  A structured deal will thus be considered.
   Staffing Of the Business
What is the total number of Staff?  4 staff members excluding owner
Staff Breakdown  4 Staff members.  All learnership funded by Fasset for 18 months
Staff Special Perks and Bonuses?  No
Are the staff on Contract?  No
Does any of the staff have management potential?  No
How involved is the Owner in running the business?  Hands-on
  Premises Of the Business
When Does the Current Lease ends?  Lease end in Feb 2018
Is there an option to renew?  Feb 2018 but with renewal option.  12 months from 1 Feb 2017 with renewal option up to 3 years.  Thereafter the subsidy for the lease falls away
What is the annual escalation %  10%
What are the Trading Hours? 08:30 - 17:00 5 days per week
What is the square meters?  70m2
Is a copy of the lease available?  Yes, on file
Do You require a license? SAIPA ATC
 Assets Of The Business
Full Asset List available? Yes, owner will provide
 Anything not included in the sale? Some assets belongs to the seller but in the name of the practice.  Private vehicle, private house and some computer equipment
 What is condition of the assets  Good, none needs repairing
 Any Assets on Lease/HP that Buyer needs to take over?  No
 Are they insured at the moment?  Yes
  SWOT Of The Business
 STRENGHTS Monthly retainer clients
Cloud Based Practice - Sage One
Partnerships with various agencies and Sage
 WEAKNESSES Not enough capacity to service all existing clients.
 OPPORTUNITIES They are within SMME Incubator hub yet not targeting clients
The existing clients are growing as well demanding more services
Agencies like SEDA offers opportunity
 THREATS Normal threats faced by all practices
Why is this a good business Monthly retainer clients with staff sponsored for training by FASSET, tied to subsidized rent in an Incubator hub. Membership of various agencies like SEDA and as a SAIPA ATC you would look very far to find something available on the market.
Why is the owner selling it? Seller has a property venture on the go with other poartners and wants to focus on that instead

Accounting Practice For Sale, Accounting Clients For Sale

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