Accounting Practice Valuation

Accounting Practice Sellers

Always ask a few qustion from any Accounting Practice Sales broker.  How long have you been specialising in selling practices?  How many have you sold in the last 5 years?  Do you have a list of references?  Do you have repeat buyers? How many vetted buyers do you have?

The  first step is to get an Accounting Practice Valuation which you can get right here.  Now, anybody can claim they an expert and do some valuation.  We will provide you with a Comparative Market Valuation showing you how your practice are positioned to others we have sold.  Isn't that what you really need as a start?

The biggest step following that is finding the right buyer, we have hunderds of registered buyers and they all have different cultures, specific deal structures and way in which they do things.  Try and sell on your own and you may only be dealing with one or two people.  The result?  They dictate terms.  Unless your broker has done this numerous time you will be the guinea pig.  We have both experience and the most buyers ready.  That changes it from a buyer dictated experience to a seller orientated experience.  Just have a look at some of the testimony's.