Accounting Practice For Sale,Accounting Business For Sale,Bookkeeping Business For Sale,Accounting Clients For Sale
The Current Market
Account Practice For Sale, Sell My Accounting Firm,Sell Your Accounting Clients
Accounting Practices are normally in high demand and scarce.  This should demand a higher price as a result, however buyers of these businesses are accountants that are cautious by nature.  More important the price of these businesses are under huge pressure because the accounting clients normally are loyal to the selling accountant.  Thus although high in demand and sought after be aware that the price will have to accommodate the cautious nature of the specialist buyers and the high risk of the client base that are sold.  

Normally CONFIDENCE around these business types are HIGH.

Multiples around these types of businesses are currently R0.50 to R1.40 paid for every R1.00 of annual turnover.  This obviously is dependent on various factors specific to each business.  Contact us for a consultation.

Accounting Practice For Sale,Accounting Business For Sale,Bookkeeping Business For Sale,Accounting Clients For Sale, Accounting Practice Merge

Covid19 and Valuation On Accounting Firms South Africa 2020

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Why Sell Using Us?

Accounting Practice For Sale Benefit

We are the largest marketer of Accounting Practices in South Africa.  We sell more practices than any other brokerage on the continent.  We routinely surprise the sellers with the speed we do it at and with the prices we do get for them compared to what staff or another accountants were willing to pay


Buyer Benefits

Accounting Practice Buyers

 We have hundreds of Buyers in our database, many of them repeat buyers. If you are not in our database you are missing out.  Do the wise thing if you plan to buy a practice and get onto the database as well.  The repeat buyers can speak for the benefit of using us. 


Value Your Practice

Accounting Practice Valuation

Why don't you let us value your practice?  Want an idea of what your practice might sell for? Fill out a simple questionnaire for a no-obligation idea of what your practice will sell for.  Ensure you get paid a market value for that in-house deal.  It is always good to know where your stand in the market for planning your future.  


Merge Your Practice

Mergers is the best option for some.  Existing startegy, expansion strategy, consolidation, getting new skills, getting critical mass, you name it and this may be the right solution to break out of your mould, we have just the right client that may be the perfect match.  If you dont see the fit you need, engage us to find the right solution.  


MERGING and SELLING Accounting Firm

Accounting Firms for sale is in the table below, also those coming soon, for instance where people as retiring and getting their financials ready or where people are emigrating and timing it with Visa applications.  The accounting firms for merger is not in this table below, but in the merger section.  Dont forget to have a look there.

Accounting Practices For Sale
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Ref No Description Area Price Turn pm Profit pm Show Detail Business For Sale
R201002 Xero Centric Accounting Firm in Cape Town Cape Town 2,850,000 209,767 55,144
R201102 Partner Buy-In 33% and Merger In Pretoria Pretoria North 3,000,000 716,667 83,718
R200501 Accounting Firm In Cape Peninsula For Sale Cape Town 4,250,000 387,500 99,917
R210205 Randburg Accounting Firm For Sale Randburg 4,700,000 320,635 205,041
R191004 Accounting Firm in East Rand For Sale East Rand 5,750,000 416,670 166,667
R190903 Audit & Accounting Firm Pretoria East Pretoria East 10,000,000 769,135 277,331
R201001 Audit Firm For Sale In Randburg Randburg 11,100,000 818,220 310,486
R190901 Specialist Accounting Firm For Sale in East Rand Bedfordview 12,800,000 916,000 378,750
Accounting Business Buyers
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