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Gate and Garage Door automation
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Business For Sale


Installations and repairs of Garage door and Gate and automation, also including intercom installations and electric fence installations and repairs.


  Selling Price     1,050,000   Turn Over Per Month     188,812 
  Stock Included 20,000    Profit Per Month 56,816
  Assets Included  393,000   R.O.I %  53%
  Total Price   1,050,000    

 History and Overview Of The Business
Fully describe the business's activities  This is an established business that focusing on gate and garage door automation, installations and repairs. Other services offered include electric fence installations and repairs and intercom installations.
When was the business established? Established in 2014 as a small Appliance Repair company and then focusing on gate and garage door automation, installations and repairs.
How long has the owner had the business? The owner started the business
 How Does The Business Operate
How does the business operate on a daily basis The business is owner run on a daily basis and the owner is fully involved with the business and the customers.

The business requires a technically minded individual, however experience with Gates and garages, etc. is not required as there are many courses provided by the the suppliers and the seller will also assist with training up the purchaser as part of the hand over.
How are the clients attracted to the business? Word of mouth and then extensive use of the internet using Google SEO and Adwords, 18% of clients are repeat clients
What Advertising/Marketing is carried out? Primarily online marketing through various websites using Google SEO and adwords
Does the business have any contract work? No
What competition exists? As with any industry there are many competitors offering similar services. The difference in what this business offers is in a better system, more organized, more accurate and faster response to client requirements. Especially regarding web, phone and email queries. They have a strong presence on Google - both organically where their websites often ranks on the first page during client searches - as well as well-run Google advertising
Seasonal Trends? Holiday periods are still busy. Main loss of business occurs due to public holidays because the business is closed and that income is not made up.
 Financial Information
Vat Registered? No, the sellers recognise that the business needs to become Vat registered and point out that there is ample room to increase the prices not only to cover the Vat component but also for a general increase as they are probably priced too low at his stage and will in any case look at implementing a price increase
Vat Documentation on File? None
Management Accounts? Yes - Current
Audited Financials? 2016 (Eight Months) and 2017
What as Cash/Credit Split? All the income of the business is basically through EFT and the bank account, there are no debtors
Debtors Book Age Analisys None
How can you improve the profitability? There are a variety of options to improve the profitability ranging from increased marketing effort and expansion into new areas for existing services.
Intercom repairs and installations are already being done but not being advertised and pushed as they should.
Expansion of the services offered such as building and/or installation of new gates, repair of gate tracks and other small construction work sometimes required, Electric Fencing, Alarms and other security systems, CCTV Cameras (already branching into this area), Security lighting, Boom Gates,
Provision of maintenance contracts for complexes and businesses.
Consider extending the business hours and/or offer after hours and weekend services
Service more areas.
Currently are already increasing pricing.
 Is Seller Finance available and if so what is it? No
   Staffing Of the Business
What is the total number of Staff? There are five staff members other than the owner
Staff Breakdown 1 x Receptionist
2 x Lead technicians
2 x Assistants
Staff Special Perks and Bonuses? Monthly bonuses paid according to performance
Are the staff on Contract? Four are permanent with contract and one is temporary/probation
Does any of the staff have management potential?  Yes. Manager in place
How involved is the Owner in running the business? Owner is 100% involved in the running of their business however the business only requires one person to run it.
  Premises Of the Business
When Does the Current Lease ends? Business is run from home
What are the Trading Hours? Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00
Do You require a license? No
 Assets Of The Business
Full Asset List available? On File
 Anything not included in the sale? As per asset list
 What is condition of the assets Excellent
 Are they insured at the moment?  Yes
  SWOT Of The Business
 STRENGHTS Good systems & communication with clients. Good marketing position on Google both organically and with advertising
 WEAKNESSES Ability to deal with larger number of jobs because the company is still small.
 OPPORTUNITIES Expand number of services and service a larger area. CCTV, alarms, manufacturing etc.
 THREATS There are continuous changes in marketing opportunities online and it is always very important to keep up to date.
Why is this a good business The business has serviced over 2300 clients in 3 years. With increased marketing efforts and increased service areas there will continue to be a demand for a company that delivers great service in the gate, garage, electric fence, cctv and alarm industries. They continue to deliver the best technical information and service available
Why is the owner selling it? The seller is positioning themselves to emigrate

Business For Sale,Businesses For Sale,Garage Door,Gate,Electric Fence,Intercom,Installation and Repair,Gauteng Business For Sale
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