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Ref No Description Area Price Turn pm Profit pm Show Detail Business For Sale
R200301 Car Wash Pretoria 170,000 41,300 9,350 Business For Sale Profile
R210204 Lucrative Online Health Wellness Business South Africa 340,000 32,184 19,899 Business For Sale Profile
R200402 REDUCED Price East Rand Laundry For Sale Johannesburg 400,000 63,300 20,000 Business For Sale Profile
R210502 Laundry JHB Northern Suburbs Johannesburg 450,000 17,500
R200101 Small Accounting Fee Block For Sale National 480,000 34,717 30,027 Business For Sale Profile
R220302 Accounting Firm Pretoria East For Sale Pretoria 600,000 42,490 17,490
R201104 East London Accounting Firm For Sale East London 675,000 44,561 30,000
R230302 Client Base From Estate For Sale Bellville 700,000 53,727 37,060
R210201 Nail Bar in Pretoria East Pretoria 855,000 73,158 23,984 Business For Sale Profile
R210601 Bloemfontein Accounting Firm For Sale Bloemfontein 950,000 69,301 48,114
R200403 Franchised Asian Fast Food 70% Take Away Johannesburg 1,000,000 340,000 39,154 Business For Sale Profile
R220204 Accounting Firm For Sale In Cape Town Cape Town 1,100,000 101,885 23,535
R210902 Accounting Firm Roodepoort For Sale Roodepoort 1,250,000 77,473 33,723
R200103 Consulting Centric Accounting Firm Sandton Sandton 1,350,000 88,049 62,066 Business For Sale Profile
R200401 IRBA Audits And Auditor General Opportunity In North West North West 1,400,000 187,500 119,833
R200902 Property Services Company Johannesburg 1,680,000 201,000 62,000 Business For Sale Profile
R210203 Successful Cape Wedding Dress and Accessories for Rental and Sales Western Cape 1,700,000 107,817 50,407 Business For Sale Profile
R210505 Centre for Addiction Recovery and Rehabilitation Johannesburg 1,700,000 125,331 60,000 Business For Sale Profile
R210701 Accounting Firm In Cape Winelands For Sale Cape Winelands 1,700,000 113,525 82,250
R200202 Accounting Firm Northern Suburbs Of Cape Town Cape Town 1,950,000 157,406 52,540
R210202 Successful Gauteng Wedding Dress and Accessories for Rental and Sales Gauteng 2,100,000 289,729 49,685 Business For Sale Profile
R210501 Northern Suburb Laundry For Sale Johannesburg 2,300,000 0 91,000
R211101 Audit Clients On East Rand For Sale Benoni 2,500,000 178,920 68,939
R201002 Xero Centric Accounting Firm in Cape Town Cape Town 2,850,000 209,767 55,144
R220303 Accounting Firm in Centurion For Sale Centurion 2,900,000 187,711 128,566
R201102 Partner Buy-In 33% and Merger In Pretoria Pretoria North 3,000,000 716,667 83,718
R220206 Accounting Firm In Durban For Sale Durban 4,250,000 291,625 169,052 Business For Sale Profile
R201103 East Rand Accounting Firm For Sale Kempton Park 4,500,000 308,000 240,000
R210205 Randburg Accounting Firm For Sale Randburg 4,700,000 320,635 205,041
R220205 IRBA Audit Firm in Sandton For Sale Sandton 6,500,000 470,603 223,333
R230401 Franchise Orientated Audit Firm For Sale Sandton 8,800,000 645,429 274,893
R210401 Durban Auditing & Accounting Firm Durban 10,500,000 845,641 233,333
R200502 Established IRBA Firm in Johannesburg North For Sale Johannesburg 11,000,000 950,485 341,395 Business For Sale Profile
R220702 Accounting and Audit Firm In Cape Town For Sale Cape Town 11,500,000 890,513 353,891 Business For Sale Profile
R221104 Financial Statements Focused Firm For Sale Johannesburg 13,500,000 997,002 387,240 Business For Sale Profile
R230703 Private Filling Station With Property Pretoria 33,420,000 6,318,000 348,500 Business For Sale Profile
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