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Highly Profitable Auditing Firm For Sale
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Business For Sale


Debt Collection Business For SaleWell established auditing and accounting practice also doing tax and secretarial work as well as business consulting for its clients base. Operating with a full staff complement overseen by the partners this is a rare opportunity on the market.  Due to the sensitive nature of the sale information will only be shared with approved applicants.




  Selling Price     20,450,000   Turn Over Per Month     1,332,686 
  WIP Included 1,500,000    Profit Per Month 625,289
  Assets Included 700,000  Debtors EXCLUDED 2,883,228
  Total Price  21,950,000  ROI % 34% 

 History and Overview Of The Business
Fully describe the business's activities  Well established auditing and accounting practice also doing tax and secretarial work as well as business consulting for its clients base. 43% of Income is Auditing and Independent Review, 17% Taxation, 17% Accounting, 12% Business Advisory work, 10% Secretarial work and the balance other work.
When was the business established?  1994
How long has the owner had the business?  Partners since inception
 How Does The Business Operate
How does the business operate on a daily basis The owners are involved 4 days per week, they have a proper staff structure appropriate for a flagship practice like this.
How are the clients attracted to the business? Referrals, organic growth and word of mouth coupled to excellent service has grown this practice
What Advertising/Marketing is carried out? Online Marketing via the Internet 
Does the business have any contract work?  Monthly clients ensure strong cash flow as can be seen from the management accounts
What competition exists? They don't compete against the work from home accountants that target the low spending rats and mice that don't require the skills they have and they also don't compete with the top accounting firms for corporate clients as the business segment they do target can't afford those big priced firms.  They compete with other mid-sized firms with similar staff and skill levels. They target the lucrative mid-sized businesses that need a decent sized practice with skills and that can afford their services.
Seasonal Trends? February & June is normally Year Ends.  They are busiest from March through November
 Financial Information
Vat Registered?  Yes
Vat Documentation on File?  All documentation is available.
Management Accounts? Yes, available to approved buyers
Audited Financials?  All up to date
What as Cash/Credit Split?  No cash, all credit
Debtors Book Age Analisys  Current - 33%, 30 days 33%, 60 days 15%, 90 days 19%
How can you improve the profitability?  Merge the practice into another existing practice and gain economies of scale with savings.  Hire more qualified staff and expand
 Is Seller Finance available and if so what is it? Yes, in line with selling accounting practices the seller will accept a 50% cash payment and subject to a proper hand over and turnover warranty the balance after a 6 to 12 month period to an APPROVED buyer.  A structured deal will thus be considered.
   Staffing Of the Business
What is the total number of Staff?  26 Staff
Staff Breakdown Managers, teams and staff structures all in place.  Organogram is available to approved buyer
Staff Special Perks and Bonuses? Annual bonuses are paid that is performance based
Are the staff on Contract? Yes, all staff are permanent employees
Does any of the staff have management potential?  All in place and structured. The practice already has 5 managers
How involved is the Owner in running the business?  Hands on Daily
  Premises Of the Business
When Does the Current Lease ends? The sellers also own the building.  A market related rental is already paid to the company by the practice.  A lease can therefore be negotiated or the building might also be for sale if so required.
Is there an option to renew? Yes
What is the annual escalation %


What are the Trading Hours? Office Hours Monday to Friday, Five Days per Week, 8:00 to 16:30
What is the square meters?  +/- 680m2 with a basement and ample parking space in a nice office park
Is a copy of the lease available?  Yes
Do You require a license?

CA (SA) registration will be required

 Assets Of The Business
Full Asset List available?  Yes, owner will provide
 Anything not included in the sale?  Only small personal items.
 What is condition of the assets  Good, none needs repairing
 Any Assets on Lease/HP that Buyer needs to take over?  Copier Machines
 Are they insured at the moment?  Yes
  SWOT Of The Business
 STRENGHTS Well run business with corporate structures and systems.
Very stable with steady growth annually. 
Unique practice management techniques
Well established name
Professional Skill
Systems & Procedures 
 WEAKNESSES  Not enough high level skills in staff makes it owner skills dependant
 Time restraint around owners limit more growth in current configuration

 OPPORTUNITIES Can grow the client base and revenues with more skilled professionals

 THREATS Senior Staff leaving

Why is this a good business Established for 21 years
Highly profitable very well run and with sophisticated management.
Established Client Base
Established Skilled Staff
Why is the owner selling it? Owners are seeking other non professional service business that is scaleable.  After 21 years looking for a new challenge

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