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Established Centurion Biltong Shop With Processing Facility For Sale
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Business For Sale


Established in 1999 the pedigree of this Biltong Shop speaks for itself. Complete with very nice coolrooms, dry rooms and including state ofBiltongshop for sale the art equipment.  This is you opportunity to have a properly staffed business that can serve as the base for a chain of kiosk type outlets.  Are you ready to begin?


  Selling Price     1,950,000   Turn Over Per Month     278,811 
  Stock Included 30,000    Profit Per Month 63,144
  Assets Included 689,350   R.O.I %  36%
  Total Price  1,950,000    

 History and Overview Of The Business
Fully describe the business's activities  The shop has staff to run it, you be the manager and grow your chain of stores.  Well known, good product and  great location.  The steady numbers over the years speaks for itself.  They make most of their own product on site, hence excellent margins and buy in what they need extra to offer a good spread of product to regular clients.  Multiple owners over the years proves it is not an owner dependant business.
When was the business established?  Since 1999
How long has the owner had the business?  2 Years
 How Does The Business Operate
How does the business operate on a daily basis  Owners are overseeing operations, approve purchases and set pricing.  Staff lock and unlock the business.  Staff rotates also over weekends.  Owners will sometimes also work in the shop.
How are the clients attracted to the business?  Old established brand and name.  Close to various businesses ensuring passing trade including a supermarket
What Advertising/Marketing is carried out? None
Does the business have any contract work?  None, regular clients
What competition exists? Normal competition for this industry in the area
Seasonal Trends?  Its a Biltong Shop, people also wants to buy a decent piece of biltong.  Unlike some smaller shops that relies on rugby matches or some other external factor to trigger sales this shop has a pretty stable Turnover.
 Financial Information
Vat Registered? Yes
Vat Documentation on File?  Yes, but you are buying the going concern not the legal entity
Management Accounts?  Yes
Audited Financials?  No, only management accounts
What as Cash/Credit Split?  All Cash no credit.
Card 54% and Cash 46%
Debtors Book Age Analisys  None
How can you improve the profitability?  Marketing and introducing a loyalty program.Expand product range, open or buy in other kiosks, supply third party shops
 Is Seller Finance available and if so what is it?  No, cash sale
   Staffing Of the Business
What is the total number of Staff? 7 Staff members
Staff Breakdown Some of the staff has been with the shop for many years
Staff Special Perks and Bonuses?  Sales staff get paid an hourly rate and then a 10% commission on sales above a set target per shift.  This ensure up selling by the staff.  As example on staff member's salary was R3000 for the month but with commission earned R8,000.
Are the staff on Contract?  Yes
Does any of the staff have management potential?  One of the staff members act as manager if the owner is away.
How involved is the Owner in running the business?  Hands On, overseeing the operation.
  Premises Of the Business
When Does the Current Lease ends? 3 Years left, BUT the landlord signs 5 year leases and will enter into lease with new owner
Is there an option to renew? See above
What is the annual escalation %  8%
What are the Trading Hours? Mon - Fri 08:00-20:00
Sat 08:00 - 20:00
Sun 09:00-14:00
What is the square meters?  80m2
Is a copy of the lease available?  Yes, on file
Do You require a license? Health & Food Certificate is required, so you will have to apply for one with your legal entity
 Assets Of The Business
Full Asset List available?  Yes
 Anything not included in the sale?  No, everything is included
 What is condition of the assets  Good, none needs repairing
 Any Assets on Lease/HP that Buyer needs to take over?  No
 Are they insured at the moment?  Yes
  SWOT Of The Business
 STRENGHTS Well Established
Nice Area
Nice Location in Mall
Staffed, with processes and systems
 WEAKNESSES None Perceived
 OPPORTUNITIES Expand the business with a chain of Kiosks
Marketing and advertising
Increased stock range
Introduce a Loyalty program
 THREATS None Perceived
Why is this a good business Well established , well run, well located business
Why is the owner selling it? Owners relocating to the Western Cape

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